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Dissident Island Radio

Dissident Island Radio November 20th 2009

Nov 21, 2009

On this show we have IMCistas Maqui, Yossarian and Mara talking about the 10 year anniversaries of the infamous Seattle WTO protests, Global Indymedia – and the Signs of Revolt exhibition marking this occasion – and where the future
will be taking indymedia projects….

There were words from the bike bloc and...

Nov 7, 2009

# Celebrations of Housmans 50th birthday! We had some folk in live – who are involved with the running of Housmans – for some beer and cake, and we also heard the final feature on Housmans history;
# Words from two members of Anarchists Against the Wall about tearing down fences and fighting against the odds;
# More...

Oct 29, 2009

as a bunch of people sit there and talk about what we were all up to at the turn of the millennium (1999-2001) and how much we did or didn’t kick ass, depending on your point of view, and how we’re definitely really going to start kicking ass properly in the run-up to Copenhagen. We hope.

This is a celebration of...

Oct 18, 2009

On this show:
* Sean Kirtley, recently released from prison after a successful appeal against a guilty verdict, reflects on jail and his plans for the future
* people involved in the campaign to Stop Vendata, a UK mining firm, from destroying holy land;
* the Carrot Workers’ Collective, discussing implications of...

Dissident Island Radio August 18th 2009

Oct 7, 2009

August 21 2009

On this show we talked with one of the organisers of ARUK2009, the Animal Rights Gathering about the gathering itself and the state of the animal rights movement in general. Tim from Reclaim the Future 5 came in to give us a preview of RTF5.

We had the latest on the situation with the Vestas factory...